STORMDETEC™is a storm detector with mill field of new generation for professional use, patented, which measures in real time the variations of the electrostatic field determining the high probability of an imminent storm with a local risk of thunderstorm.

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Qualifoudre certificate

Duval Messien has been certified in compliance with Qualifoudre referential by INERIS on the lightning risk assessment, technical studies, installations and checkings.

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ISO certificate

DUVAL MESSIEN is certified ISO 9001 : 2015 for the following activities : conception, development, production and sale of storm detection and lightning protection material, materials associated in France and abroad, installation of storm detection systems, lightning protection and grounding, study for lightning protection and installation checking, removal, transport, storage and reconditionning of radioactive lightning rods.

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MASE certificate

Duval Messien is certified MASE for the following activities : Study, Installation, Manufacture of detection and lightning protection materials, Manufacture of ground improving material.

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Health protection SICAME Catalogue

Enclosed Covid-19 catalogue which presents safety offer which guarantees  safety for everybody in the company and  for public circulation.

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Argos brochure

ARGOS range of Duval Messien, proposes complete solutions  for lightning protection and grounding.

It proposes a large range with competitive prices. Duval Messien guarantees a local service, adapted solutions  to your particular projects, warranting our products quality and liability.

Our range is composed of 4 parts :

  • Lightning protection
  • Conductors
  • ARGOSWELD ® exothermic welding
  • Grounding

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Our TEREC product has given way to TEREC+, a completely revolutionary process. This allow ionic treatment of soils to improve earth connections in the creation phase or already existing with an ohmic value higher than the admissible threshold.

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StormSat leaflet

This solution 100% connected revolutionnises the protection but also the prevention making this product a solution 4 in 1 against lightning thanks to its 4 integrated devices in a same product.

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Multitester SAT3 leaflet

Your multitester at distance solution for your Satelit® 3.

In compliance with NFC 17 102 standard and decrees in force,  lightning protection installations should be checked regularly.

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SAT3 leaflet

The Early Streamer Emission (ESE) SATELIT®3 range of Duval Messien is constitued of a strike point, an excitation device  (body) installed on a mast Ø34.

This new lightning rod is equipped with a double system of polarization.

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SAT+G2 leaflet

SatelitTM+G2, second generation of Early Streamer Emission of Satelit+ range, proposes by the structure of its optimized electrical circuits and the use of specific components created by our engineers, improved  performances of impulsional capacity of ionization whose the efficiency and reliability are proved by tests of conformity with NFC 17-102 (September 2011) standard.


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Les indispensables catalogue

Main products of Duval Messien with a technological advance and products always more elaborated and effective.

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